Tips for hanging out in a nightclub

Taking a stroll around the city and passing by the many establishments such as cafes or bars are indeed a unique opportunity to treat yourself to a beautiful girl. But if we don’t pay enough attention we can frustrate our efforts to get a nice girl to spend the night with.

While we all have the ability to catch a hot girl, we’ll give you a few tips on how to take one home with you the next time you go to a nightclub, cafe or bar.


Among the fundamental things a man has to perform to be able to take a sexy girl to his bed is his state of mind when contacting her directly. In case you are feeling overwhelmed, nervous or agitated you will probably not be able to attract the attention of the girls since they want a confident man. 

Before you fixate on a London escort or a pretty girl, try to go to the restroom and take some breaths. Also think a little bit about the strategy, for example: buy her a drink, get her to talk about what brought her to that place and things around that can help her to get into the mood. 

Pay attention to the group as well

A fatal mistake that some men who want to take a particular girl they found attractive at the bar often make is not paying attention to the surrounding group that surrounds the girl. Most of them don’t come alone, they may come with girlfriends or different companions, so you should also socialize with these people so you don’t look like a bore. 

The best way to do this is to throw in a few jokes that can captivate her friends and the girl, so that trust is not only built with her, but with everyone in the vicinity and you can create a good impression overall. 

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Buy a line of shots

A man most of the time has to present a good economic situation for women to be attracted to him in a club or bar, and one way to demonstrate this is through offering a row of shots for the people present at the table. And here we emphasize again that not only the girl you are interested in will be the one who will drink, it should also be the people around her because after all, she did not go alone to that club and it is likely that she does not want to isolate herself from her friends to go with a stranger.

That said, we recommend that you ask the opinion of the people at the table to know what type of drinks each person likes and to avoid getting upset if you order something that most of them don’t like. The best thing is to have variety so that the people around her and she herself feel listened to and pleased by your initiative.

After this, what will be missing is confidence and to propose to the escort or the girl if she wants to enjoy the night with you.